In June of 2012, The Saskatchewan Conference of the United Church of Canada changed its structure.  The Intercultural Ministries Network picked up the responsibilities of the Affirming Ministries Committee, the Ethnic Ministries Coordinator and the Women in Ministry Committee.

Mission of the Intercultural Ministries Network:

The Intercultural Ministries Network encourages all persons from various cultures in the church and society to be transformed through cross cultural interactions where similarities and differences are acknowledged and honoured. In intercultural communities there is ongoing commitment to mutuality, reciprocity and equality which are experienced in social structures and everyday interactions.

The Network also works with the Intercultural vision for the church agreed to by General Council.

Some of the aspects that contribute to an individual’s cultural identity include ethnicity, linguistic background, gender identity, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, economic status, religion, marital status, education, community, geographic location, work, family structure and individual interests and experiences.

The network aims to address cultural imbalances and advocates for those who fall outside the “majority culture”.  It promotes learning of one another and their cultures through education and relationship building. It encourages people of different cultures to interact and to make deep connections.

The 2017- 2017 Network Coordinators are Nobuko Iwai and Brian Mitchell-Walker.