New Online Resource: Celebrating Gender Diversity

Hello Friends,

A new resource has just been published online called Celebrating Gender Diversity.  We hope you will find it a useful tool in your work in the Saskatchewan Conference.

As The United Church of Canada seeks to fully celebrate God’s diversity, understanding gender identity plays an integral role.  This resource, Celebrating Gender Diversity, is a United Church tool kit on gender identity and trans experiences for communities of faith. The kit contains basic information about gender identity and faith, barriers experienced by trans and genderqueer people, step-by-step guides for creating trans inclusive spaces, as well as recommended resources for further engagement and learning. To download your free copy, go to  You are welcome to use the poster to help advertise this resource.

In addition to this resource, we will – in partnership with EDGE – be hosting a free webinar Celebrating Gender Diversity: Five Stories, on Thursday, December 3rd from 12 to 1pm Eastern Standard Time. Everyone is invited to come listen and learn from the experience of trans people of faith.


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