Recognizing Diversity Event

The Intercultural Network is having a one day workshop as a pre-event before Conference, May 27th, looking at helping people build a toolkit for working with diversity in their own context.

Ethnic diversity is the most obvious aspect of intercultural work, however, there are many other aspects of diversity that congregations encounter every day even if their ethnic diversity is minimal. How do we connect with those who are different than us, e.g. in age, in gender, in size etc. and celebrate who they are?  How much are we aware of our own cultural and diverse experiences and stories?  These are important questions toward building a community that reflects our church and society, that reflects Christ.  We are all intercultural.

The workshop will offer tools to help recognize and work with diversity in committees, groups and teams within our congregations.  It will be a very helpful resource for any congregation, including Affirming Ministries.  This will be a benefit for working together in whatever context.

You are encouraged to bring others from your ministry to share in this experience.  Register here


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